Color Interior Wood Putty 3.8oz



Oil based wood putty. Used to fill nail holes and imperfections in wood. Easy application and all colors are intermixable. Makes wood finishing a breeze! The original since 1963.Color Putty® Oil Based Putty


Specific Gravity : 2.10
Flash Point : >200 deg F
Color : White
Type : Oil Based
Packing Type : Jar
Odor/Scent : Mild
Nominal Capacity : 3.68 oz


Color Putty® oil-based putty is available in two popular sizes in each of the colors listed below, 3.68 ounce plastic jars and one-pound plastic jars. Open stock colors are packaged as the following: 3.68 ounce plastic jars packed 6 per pack, one-pound plastic jars packaged 12 jars per package. One-pound jars can be packaged in assorted colors to comprise a 12-jar package. All jars are UPC coded.

Stain or seal wood with oil-based product
Fill nail holes or imperfections with putty and wipe clean
May be intermixed with other oil-based putty for desired shade
Will not dry to a sandable hard
Apply one finish coat of oil-based sealer or varnish
Clean up with mineral spirits

Standard/Approvals: OSHA 29 CFR 191.12

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