Dap White #33 Glazing Glazing Compound



For glazing wood and metal sashes. Outlasts ordinary putty. Smooth and ready-mixed. Excellent weather-resistance. Knife grade.33® Glazing Compound


Packing Type : Tub
Resists : Sagging, Cracking and Shrinking
VOC Content : 10.7 g/L
Color : White
Specific Gravity : 2.214
Flash Point : >200 deg F
Odor/Scent : Little
Applicable Materials : Wood, Metal and Aluminum
Nominal Capacity : 1 qt
Form : Paste
pH Range : 7 - 12 pH
Temperature Range : 40 - 90 deg F Application, -20 to 160 deg F Service


DAP® ‘33’® Glazing is a ready-to-use glazing compound that may be used for face glazing wood or metal sash. Its knife grade consistency allows for smooth, easy application. DAP® ‘33’® Glazing sticks tightly to glass and sash and resists sagging, shrinking and cracking.

Forms an airtight, watertight seal
Application: Interior/Exterior Use

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