Wooster 4153 Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm Lindbeck Angle Sash Paint



The Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm are able to cut a sharp line even in hot or humid conditions. The extra-firm is a perfect choice for all thick or fast-drying paints and primers. It excels during exterior use. Made from 100% nylon and featuring an exclusive Wooster filament called NylonPlus, it paints rigidity, resists wears, and cleans much more easily than brushes that use polyester to achieve extra stiffness. Ultra/Pro® Professional Angled Cut Sash Paint Brush, 7.88 Inch L


  • Innovative extra-firm formulation of purple NylonPlus and purple and black nylon carries more paint to the wall, cleans up fast when done
  • Perfect for 1) all thick coatings like exterior paints or low VOCs, 2) hot or humid conditions, and 3) whenever a painter wants a high-production, extra-firm brush
  • Stainless steel ferrule

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